Pre-Sale Personalized Hair Analysis Education E-Book

Pre-Sale Personalized Hair Analysis Education E-Book

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Ever get overwhelmed by the product selection in the store with the assortment of products readily available for you to use?

How do you choose the right products? Maybe you like the smells or label colors?

Maybe you looked online to try to find some answers or got some recommendations from friends or family but was still was unable to really make any progress? 

This is where the Hair Analysis Education E-Book can help!

Using my knowledge as an engineer and scientist, I have created many hair products and want to be able to share my knowledge with you! So that you can learn how to select the right products for your hair.

In this Hair Analysis Education E-Book you'll get:

  • A hair analysis so we can understand the condition of your hair
  • A product list of your current products with our recommendations on whether or whether not to keep it in your routine
  • An ingredient recommendation dictionary to help you find and figure out what products to add to your routine. 
  • A hair routine that outlines when you should be using products to optimize their results created just for you

How does it work?

  1. When you order, you'll get an email analysis questionnaire to fill out for your Education E-Book. ( If you aren't sure about the questions, you can email us
  2. We'll do an analysis on your hair, answer the questions you have, and curate your ingredient list and hair routine.
  3. You'll receive your analysis results and ingredient recommendations so you can select the right products for your hair!