Who is teaching this course?

Our Founder and hair scientist Sareena Karim will help guide and teach you in this course using her background in hair research, product formulation, bioengineering, and trichology. 

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What is the structure of your hair and what type of ingredients help support your hair?

In these lessons you'll learn the anatomy of hair and what types of ingredients help support the basic structures of hair.

What are hair bonds and what do bonding products do to your hair?

In this lesson you will learn how hair bonding works and how hair bonding products work to repair your hair.

What is hair porosity? What types of damage can happen to your hair?

In this lesson we will do a deep dive into hair porosity, what makes hair porous, and what you can do to support your hair. We will also breakdown the common types of hair damage that you do to your hair everyday that impacts your overall hair health.

How do chemical services work and how do they effect your hair?

In this lesson we will break down chemical services like perms, relaxers, bleaching, dyeing services.

How will you keep track of the information you will learn?

To Deep Your Understanding of the Material We include:

  • Downloadable Science Content you can reference at any time even when the course is completed.
  • Educational Q&A's to answer questions that you may have throughout the course
  • Product Recommendation Breakdowns and Guides you can use to address hair concerns that you, your clients, or audience may have.
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