Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do ship internationally but we do not cover the shipping cost. 

What if my package is lost in the mail?

Foli-Q is not responsible for items if they are lost in the mail. Please email for more help. Make sure to check all possible areas such as garages, alternative entryways, and neighbors. 

Do your products work for all hair types?

Yes they do! There are options to select your hair type for every hair product we sell! You can specify if your hair is straight, wavy, curly, or kinky!

Do you have any social media accounts?

Yes we are on Facebook (@Foli-Q), Instagram, (@Foliqhair), TikTok (Foliqhair), and Snapchat (@Foli-Q)

What happens if I mess up my name for Build-Your-Own MasQ?

As long as you reach out to us within 4 hours of making your order, we are able to make any necessary changes!

When can my order be cancelled?

We do not accept cancelation once orders are shipped. 

Do you accept returns?

We do accept returns on a case by cases basis. Please email to put in a return request. 

Can I get an update my package?

We are shipping orders as soon as possible. Typically orders that have Hair MasQ's will take longer (5-10 business days) because they are customized to orders. Products that are not customized typically are  shipped between 3-5 business days. Please note the holiday season effects the timing of the orders. There might be a delay.