Why does my hair fall out?

Hair loss throughout the day is normal but if you lose an abnormal amount here are some things you should consider: 

What types of hairstyles are you wearing? 

  • Trichorrhexis nodosa happens when your hair breaks while styling because of the stress put on your hair. 
  • If you are experiencing this, this is what you should do next. Stop styling your hair in the styles that are causing your hair to break off. If problems continue you should always see a dermatologist. 

Does your family have a history of hair loss?

  • Androgenic alopecia is a condition where hair loss and thinning is prevalent in you family. 
  • Typical Treatments are minoxidil 2-5% for men and 2% minoxidil for women. If problems continue you should always see a dermatologist. 

How stressed are you? 

  • Telogen effluvium is a condition where clumps of hair can come out in the shower or your hair brush due to your state of stress. 
  • Treatment for this varies for this condition so it is best to get help from a healthcare professional such as a therapist to help manage stress as well as a dermatologist. 

Want to learn more about this topic? 

Check out this link-> https://www.aafp.org/afp/2017/0915/p371.html