How do you find the right hair products for your hair?

How do you find the right hair products for your hair?


@foli_q Whats the difference between hair thickenss and hair density under the microscope? #haircare #hairscience #hairtips ♬ original sound - Sareena Karim


Learning what products work best with your hair starts with two things, knowing your hair density and hair thickness. So what exactly is hair density and hair thickness?  

Hair density is the number of hair strands that are on your head. A high density means that you have a lot of hair strands on your head and a low hair density means you have a lower amount of hair strands on your head. 

Hair thickness is the how wide your hair strands are. So the wider your hair the thicker it is! 

So how does it effect what products best fit your hair? I can break it down for you! Here's some rules to follow: 

  • Product application is just as important as the products you choose to use. So test out different products and techniques to find what best fit your hair!
  • Lower Density Hair should use lighter products 
  • Thicker Hair can handle heavier products 


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