What Causes Different Hair Types?



How is straight hair different from curly hair? What about coily hair or wavy hair? Is there actually a difference between all the hair types?

To answer this question we will look at hair anatomy. This all starts at the hair follicle; the way that your hair follicle is shaped impacts the hair type that you have. For instance, straight hair comes from a circular shaped follicle. And as texture increase the more oval shaped the hair follicle is.

This is how hair types are formed, but how does it keep the form outside of the follicle? It starts with disulfide bonds. Your hair is made up of a fiber-like protein called keratin. Each strand involves multiple keratin fibers, which are connected by disulfide bonds. These bonds are responsible for your hair's structure, strength and type because they help form your hair. Without these bonds your hair wouldn't have any structure. Since the follicle shape impacts the type of hair you have, your hair needs something to help give it structure outside the follicle. Which mean the disulfide bonds keep hair in the shape that it was formed.